Who is James Rustad?

James Website Cover PageJames Rustad is a singer-songwriter based in the Tampa Bay (Florida) area. He writes popular music songs and topical folk songs. James covers a wide variety of social issues with his music including immigration and Central American history (“Message to Murrieta“), the Occupy Wall Street movement (“Justice4Cecily”), the subprime mortgage scandal (“Money is the Disease”), macroeconomics and globalization (“Beggar thy neighbor, currency manipulator“), women’s reproductive rights (“The Hobby Lobby song“), consumer rights (“The Great Exploding Ford Pinto”), climate change (“Hey hey oil industry”), Florida’s “Stand your Ground” law (he composed a protest song “Stand your Ground” against this law), and human trafficking (“No one has a dollar value”). He also writes about political figures such as the Bush family and Dick Cheney (“Hey hey, we are the Bushees”), Florida Governor Rick Scott (“Bye bye, you shiny bald-headed guy” and “We don’t need no crooked Governor”), Ted Cruz (“Right Wing Nut Job”),  Richard Nixon (“What would Richard Nixon do?”), and Mitt Romney (“Do Ya Think I’m Romney“) .

His political songs have appeared on “Air Occupy” (listen in Tuesdays EST at 11 AM on www.GoliathRadio.com 1380 AM in Ormond Beach, Florida. Check out their website www.airoccupy.com), as well as on Michelle Jackson’s show on www.radiomonterey.com (check her out on www.tunein.com, M-Th 6-7 PM EST). His songs about the Governor Chris Christie “Bridgegate” scandal have appeared on WWOR My9NY’s “Chasing Jersey” TV show three times (weeknights @ 10 PM), and he was even interviewed about the Governor Christie scandals in a front page article in the The Bergen Record (NJ) newspaper.


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Musical Experience

James has extensive experience performing live music. He has played a multitude of shows in the Tampa Bay Area at locations such as Sacred Grounds Coffee House, Mojo Books and Music, Felicitous Coffee and Tea House, Harbor Bar, and Safety Harbor Grill and Bar. Prior to moving to Florida, he played gigs around the Burlington, Vermont area at locations including: Stowe Mountain Lodge, Nectar’s, Higher Ground, Bar 1/2, Ri-ra’s, 38 Main, Matterhorn, Manhattan Pizza and Pub, and Radio Bean.

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